The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

by Carol on September 25, 2010

The Truth About AbsSo as to not waste any of your time I’ll tell you up front that if your looking for some magic pill or gimmicky piece of exercise equipment that will give you that slim sleek and chiseled look then you’re in the wrong place and you might as well hit the back button on your browser.

I think we all know deep down that there’s no magic bullet for losing fat and having great looking abs it’s just that we’ve been seduced by the slick snake oil salesman that are very persuasive at selling us what we truly desire – a quick and effortless way to lose the fat we’ve piled on over the years.

Well I’m sorry to say such a product doesn’t exist and you can be sure it never will. No matter how clever the exercise gadget is you’re going to have to do some work.

Successful fat loss requires a change in thinking and dealing with not only what you eat but how and when you exercise.

I like The Truth About Abs by Mike Geary because it addresses all of the above and I believe if you follow this program and follow it’s recommendations you will not only lose fat but also be much healthier.

Even before discussing exercise this program covers what I believe to be the most important parts of successful fat loss and that’s Mindset and Diet (what you eat). Without the right mind set you are almost certainly doomed to fail no matter what program you choose. It’s essential you know your outcome and are prepared to do whatever is necessary to get there. It really isn’t that hard and this program lays it all out for you and includes sections on.

  • How to set your outcome and overcome procrastination
  • Your blood sugar and how you might be sabotaging your weight loss goals
  • Why dieting doesn’t work
  • How eating the right fats can make you leaner
  • Meal frequency
  • The thermic effects of food
  • The fat loss benefits of tea
  • Metabolism boosting foods
  • Healthy eating strategies
  • Balanced meal planning

The program then goes on to explain why exercise is such an important part of fat loss and why you need a complete body exercise program and not focus entirely on your abs and includes sections on:

  • Safe and effective ab development
  • The structure of your abdominal muscles
  • Proper positioning for abdominal exercises
  • Resistance, frequency and the length of time required to perform the ab exercises
  • Recommended exercises
  • Exercises to avoid
  • The metabolic effects of exercise
  • Full body training programs
  • The problem with cardio only exercise
  • Advanced secret weapon exercises
  • Body weight exercises
  • Frequently asked questions
  • And much more.

In my opinion this is one of the best fat loss programs of it’s type on the market today. It will show you how to correctly and safely lose fat and then keep it off. It’s possible to do the program without buying any additional equipment although a fit ball and dumb bell set would be useful.

So if you’re tired of the gimmicky and hyped up pieces of exercise equipment that promise you the world and then don’t deliver, take a look at The Truth About Abs. It costs less than $40 and does exactly what it says it’ll do – help you lose fat and then keep it off.

PS Buying the latest exercise gadget isn’t always a bad idea (assuming it’s safe) as it can add variety to a stale workout. Just don’t expect the results the manufacturers claim using ONLY the machine.

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A Different Spin On Being Healthy

by Carol on February 11, 2014

Stop SmokingWhen we think about being fit and healthy we tend to focus more on eating healthily and exercising but giving up bad habits that are damaging your health is also important.

So I’m going to give my husbands Website a plug not because it promotes something healthy but because it enables you to swap one lethal habit in this case  smoking for a less damaging one which is still smoking but in a slightly less lethal form. I’m talking about  Electronic Cigarettes or Ecigs.

Now we all know the only safe cigarette is the one we don’t smoke but for many smokers quitting cigarettes is just to damned hard and they continue to smoke knowing full well the harm they’re doing to their bodies but unable to stop no matter how hard they try.

Many smokers are discovering they can stop smoking cigarettes by switching to the electronic variety and vaping (well that’s what it’s called) the advantage of vaping (if you can call it that) is because no tobacco is burned the number of lethal chemicals ingested into the lungs is much reduced. In fact most of the ingredients of this type of cigarette are not classed as dangerous to health (although no long term studies exist to verify this).

The only really damaging chemical in these liquids is nicotine which has it’s own well known health risks so the vaper is actually just changing his / her nicotine delivery system from cigarettes (the one you light) to one that delivers the nicotine in a vapor (no combustion).

As far as anyone knows the health risks of E Cigs is less than the risk of smoking cigarettes so even though the best course of action for a smoker is to quit completely at least the E Cigarette mitigates some of the worse aspects (carbon monoxide / carcinogens).

Now that my husband has switched to E Cigs I’m happier than I was but trust me I’ll still be encouraging him to quit smoking completely :)


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