Rhythm Rocker Reviews

by Carol on December 29, 2011

Although not a new product this Rhythm Rocker Review has been written because it looks like it’s being relaunched in time for the New Year.

Yes, this is the time of year when we all suddenly decide that enough is enough and that it really is time to lose all the excess fat that just seems to have appeared over the festive season. Fitness professionals all know that January is a bumper month for picking up clients clients, gym membership soars and sales of exercise equipment goes through the roof.

Sadly come March all the new clients have given up, Gym memberships plummet and the new shiny gadget that was going to be your saviour languishes in the corner gathering dust. It was just to damn hard after all to get fat loss results does require effort, discipline and time.

So along comes a new gadget in this case the Rhythm Rocker and we all forget all the other failures we’ve had and wonder if this piece of exercise equipment will be our saviour.

Will it?

With the best will in the world I doubt it it’s a spring loaded seat with handles attached and is touted to be able to tighten your Abs, Obliques, Shoulders and arms and strengthen your back all while performing dance moves!

The idea is that you move your body against resistance created by the springs and therefore over time get stronger and burn calories.

Now I agree that any type of exercise is better than nothing but I like to get the biggest bang for my exercise buck that I can and believe that you could more effectively use your time by just doing body weight exercises on their own.

Why spend over $100 on a gadget when all you need is yourself (some dumb bells would help but aren’t essential), some time and a sensible eating plan (notice I didn’t say diet).

The quicker you accept that there isn’t a magic bullet for fat loss and the only thing you need to be successful is the correct mental attitude the quicker your going to be able to take that first step to a healthier you. The longer you hold on to the “Magic Wand” mindset the longer it’ll take you to take the first step.

However if this device will spur you on to start exercising then as I’ve always said any exercise you do is a great and good luck to you.

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Sandy March 10, 2012 at 4:35 pm

Thanks for this review. All my web searches on Rhythm Rocker review except this one are obviously written by the same person and by the company. I do wish someone would actually post, what they actually experienced actually using the equipment for 7 days, month, longer and lastly when you decided to quit. Reporting beginning weight, number of times used a week, amount of time used, pounds lost, inches lost in waist, etc.

Linda G September 7, 2012 at 3:17 pm

I bought the Rhythm Rocker after sitting on it at a friends house. When I stood up my lower back and legs felt better. I bought one to use as a chair to sit on while at my computer. That little thing gives a great work out to. I think the calorie count would be the equivalent of “belly dancing.” I am sweating and really limber after using it. I think it does loosen up my lower spine and gives me a good stretch along with a good cardio and I am 65 years young.

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