The Ab Rocket Review – Does it work?

by Carol on June 3, 2009

Ab Rocket When I am asked if the Ab Rocket Exercise will work in taking inches off the stomach, then my answer is always yes.  It will help you if you use it.  Not on its own, but combine it with other regular exercise and sensible eating plan, and it will certainly help. The Ab Rocket claims to tone your abs and waist, while taking all the strain off your back, and this can only be a good thing, as working your abs incorrectly will definitely result in back strain.

The Ab Rocket looks like a low deckchair with padded rollers at the back; the idea is that you sit on it, lean backwards and then crunch upwards to get the flexion needed to work the main abdominal muscles.  The back of the Ab Rocket will support your spine and your neck, which means that you aren’t likely to hurt them like you would do if you were lying on the floor performing crunches.

Doing crunches correctly to target the six-pack seems to be the Holy Grail of exercises for most people, but the quality of ab exercises that I see people doing every day makes me cringe.  The most important part in any abdominal exercise is to engage all your deep core muscles before you perform your crunch, otherwise you will simply teach your abs to poke outwards; they will get strong all right but they will bulge even worse than before!

The Ab Rocket gets you up off the floor and makes it easy for you to engage the right muscles, and as you become more proficient, you can increase the resistance and you can also turn onto your side and target your love handles and your waist -again, the Ab Rocket will support your neck.

Unlike the lot of other personal trainers, I quite like the Ab Rocket; I am of the school of thought that maintains that anything that is more likely to make you exercise without hurting you is a good thing. The Ab Rocket is compact and easily folded — easy to set up and equally easy to store away, saving precious time during your day.  So although you may not get the visible, chiselled abs that the models in the infomercial have, by using the Ab Rocket regularly and combining it with other exercises and a reduced calorie diet, you can indeed make a big difference, both to your waistline and to your general fitness levels.

Used regularly, as detailed above, your Ab Rocket results should start to show within a month; even if your weight doesn’t not drop significantly – remember, muscle is heavier than fat – your waistband should be less tight and you’ll be starting to see results in other parts of your body also.  And you’ll feel a lot better, too.

Try The Ab Rocket for 30 days risk-free!

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