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by Carol on March 20, 2009

KettleWorx 6 Week Body TransformationThese days, I think the major obstacle to exercising regularly is lack of time. So if I ever see good workout ideas that can be done in a short space of time, I jump on them. One of these is the new KettleworX exercise system, which offers varied workouts done using a kettlebell.

Looking like a metal ball with a handle, the kettlebell can be held in one or both hands for swinging, squatting and lifting exercises. A 5lb kettlebell comes with the package – perfect for women. You men go and get your own! (10lb and 20lb kettlebells are also available).

In our modern world there is no lack of ideas and facilities for getting enough exercise. Joining a gym or health club is a great idea, but by the time you’ve got there, got changed, done your cardio on the treadmill, full body workout on all the fixed machines, cooled down, stretched, showered and changed, you’re looking at around two hours.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I haven’t got that much time to spare!

And for maximum calorie burn and shaping your body, you have to combine cardio (pulse-raising exercise) with strength exercises.  In the gym, these are separate; you do your cardio on the treadmill or the cross trainer or the rower and then move on to individual machines for each body part – thighs, chest shoulders, arms and so on.  Even just doing 2 sets of 15 reps on each machine takes forever, and the worst thing is that it’s not the best way to exercise.  Machines lock you into position and isolate the muscle to be used, which means the rest of the body doesn’t have to work at all, so you waste time and don’t get as good results as you would if you worked your muscles freestanding.

kettleworx20The thing about machines is that, even if you are an absolute novice and you don’t know what you’re doing, you can’t get it wrong. You sit on the seat and follow the pictures on the front of the machine – so you’re safe and you will get some exercise.  People feel happy with that; most people I know don’t like exercising with free weights because they’ve no idea what they’re doing. In fact, some of them are downright dangerous to themselves and to others!

The idea behind KettleworX is to change all that. With the KettleworX package you get 10 – yes 10 – DVDs with lots of short workouts on them.  Some of the DVDs are for cardio and general toning combined, and some are specifically aimed at toning your chest, back and so on.  You are shown how to use your kettlebell safely and effectively for maximum inch loss and calorie burn — it’s like having a Personal Trainer standing over you while you exercise.

Compared with most exercise systems, KettleworX is amazing value. For $89.95 you get the 10 DVDs, a healthy eating guide (of course) and a five pound kettlebell — all you need to get started straight away in your own home.  The course promises results in six weeks; if you do these workouts I think you will definitely get great results.

The infomercial burbles happily about how good you will look naked (rather odd selling point, but hey, there you go.)  I’ll settle for looking good fully clothed!  But I agree with the KettleworX team that the changes to your body will amaze you, no matter how out of condition you are, and age doesn’t matter, although it’s always wise to get a check-up from your health professional before embarking on any course of exercise.

Working with a kettlebell, with no gym machine to support you, every muscle in your entire body has to start doing its job properly!  The more muscles you use, the more calories you burn.  The more muscles you use, the more you tone in a quicker time.  So try Kettleworx for great results – fast!

Get Total Body Fitness In Just 20 Minutes, 3 Times A Week!

All the best,

Carol J Bartram
(Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor)

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Robert G September 26, 2010 at 9:10 am

This is the review that I was looking for in determining which home exercise equipment was the most effective and efficient in helping me towards my goal of a healthier body while giving the most bang for the buck. After doing my own search on the numerous fitness programs out there, the simplicity and effectiveness of the KettleWorx program stands out as clearly a more effective and do-able program. I fully understand that it still takes a dedication and desire to achieving your goals for any workout program. Thank you for your honesty and objective approach in evaluating this and other products and options for creating a healthier body, and lifestyle.


Heather November 22, 2010 at 10:13 pm

My husband purchased this dvd set and I quickly took it over. I normally just do the workouts 2-3 times per week, but after just a short time I could already feel and see the results. I started with the 10lb and seriously the first night barely made it through the intro video. Now after 4 months (about 30 workouts) I am using the 15lb weight. I started out going in order with the workouts and now I just vary them as I want to. I love it and never ever get bored with these exercises. This is a fabulous workout even for those who get bored very easily, like I used to.

Tom Coggins November 30, 2010 at 6:02 am

I really like the Kettle worxs program but have one problem with the work outs, why does Ryan not do equal reps on each side this thing just drives me nuts. Take on the core for instance the raise up sit-ups it’s like you do 3 on the right and six on the left. I know I got a pause button and things but it seems to me that a work out dvd and program of this quality that a little more time would have been taken to keep the workout reps equal. Also I don’t really like how you repeat what they already have done in other words it’s not a real time workout it’s like we are going to do one take on this and then just repeat it. I have P90 X and love how the workouts are realtime. haveing said all this I am still a fan of kettle worx and believe it will work. P 90x got me stronger kettle workx is getting me in shape

Kelley February 18, 2011 at 2:40 pm

I totally agree with Tom Coggins, the DVD’s are “Cheaply” done, its not a real time and its repeated clips , he does not do consistent amount of reps on each side and that drives me crazy!! I did not pay good money to have to count how many reps I need to do in order to ensure that I get a good work out on both sides of my body. The other thing is there is no consistnecy in his counting, he speeds up doing some of the exercise and slows done, very unprofessional in my opinion. And one last comment, its says 20 minutes when it is actually 30…just so you know. Very disappointed.

Lisa March 8, 2011 at 8:00 pm

I totally agree with both Kelly and Tom, when I put in the Core DVD, I though something was wrong with it because it kepy repeating the same thing over and over. I feel as though it should be a little more consistnecy on his exercise one minute you’re standing up and next minute you have to get on the map……I really don’t like that part at all of the DVD’s. I’m not disappointed, I feel I will get a good workout….but I just wish the format was different.

Lori June 18, 2011 at 10:09 am

After reading the above reviews….I think I skip buying the product. Thanks for your honest opinions.

Judy July 13, 2011 at 3:27 pm

My sentiments exactly Tom, Kelley and Lori; it drives me crazy that the workouts aren’t done in a manner that engages on a more personal level with their audience by making them real time instead of repeated clips or ‘looped’ video. Instead they’re cheaply made which for me, takes away the connection I need from a trainer. I’m used to working out to Turbo Jam where Chalene Johnson really utilizes that time to provide ongoing training tips and engages with everyone. And with the workouts from Kettleworx not even using consistent reps on each set is not good – I mean I want my right side to look like my left, right? Also the speed of each rep is different and not consistent and as Lori mentioned; one second your standing and the next your on your back in position…no transition time and for choreography purposes it seems it would make better sense to have all standing reps together then floor. BUT, I will have to say if more effort was put into making the workout DVD’s I’d be a huge fan because I do like the kettle bell. It’s just taking me awhile to get into it because of how it’s made. I also mistakenly ordered the wrong size of kettle bell in the beginning and their customer service department was great to work with; not like a lot of companies who just see you as a #. I’m going to keep working on this and hopefully can retrain my brain AND my body at the same time!! :)

kelly September 3, 2011 at 5:16 pm

I have bene using Jillian Michaels Shred it with Weights. It is an excellent workout and challenging. I bought Kettleworx to step up the program and try different moves and workouts with this system. I have come to find out that its just repeats of the same moves over and over again. Poor editing. They don’t do the same reps on the same side repeatedly throughtout the program. I put in the Hips and thighs workout and they are back and shoulder exercises in the program. I am a athletic trainer and just found the editing and selection of exercises to be repeative. They make up the 3 extra DVDs from moves that are from the 3 main DVDs. I think they should have a professional such as an athletic trainer review their DVD content before they make a leg and thigh workout that has shoulder workout moves in it. I am disappointed with this purchase. I don’t really break a sweat working out to this like I do with Jillian Michael’s DVD. Not worth $100.

Tricia Casey October 8, 2011 at 10:53 pm

I’ve used loads of different type of workout dvd’s because I fond that you’re keeping up with the trainer on the dvd and so working to their pace. We all know that in the gym on our own, sometimes we don’t push ourselves quite hard enough… I borrowed these dvd’s off my sister and purchased my own kettlebell (5lb) I have found these dvd’s AMAZING! Other workouts I’ve used before can run over an hour and I found myself dreading the thought of doing them because they take so long and weren’t particularly effective. I was sceptical about KettleworX because of the 20 mins 3 times a week claim, although someone mentioned earlier that they are in fact more like 30 mins but I love them! Monday Wednesday and Friday for a half an hour each and I’ve seen a difference in the first 6 weeks and thats without doing anything else (and eating absolutely terribly some days!) My clothes feel better, my waistline and chest area definitely more defined and I got a comment from a guy friend of mine that I had definitely lost weight, delighted! I have taken a week off now and have bought an 8lb kettlebell and going to start the 6 weeks all over again on Monday, once thats done, I’ll do it again with a 10lb etc. etc. The time goes so fast and I actually enjoy it! Especially the Core dvd and I always hated the abs sections of other workouts previously. Yes, the reps arent equal but just start on the other side for each set and it pretty much evens itself out. I actually like Ryan, Rainbow abs makes me laugh everytime and I actually like the “cut and paste” way they have done it because when he describes the move then you know exactly what to do and because the workouts are fast paced and are set out differently for each day I think its important to know what youre doing so youre not wasting time trying to get used to a new move youve never done before…

I would thoroughly recommend KettleworX, although I do think the price is quite steep, I would suggest shopping around for the dvd’s on their own or having a look on auction sites etc and buy your own kettlebell. Again scour auction sites for kettlebells, they can be really expensive in some stores.

The bottom line for me is that it works!!! I’m happy! :)

samantha January 26, 2012 at 6:06 pm

I just finished my first week of Kettleworx and Im very disappointed. The editing is horrible and the excerises are repetitive. I used to workout 6 days a week using only kettlebells and I was in very good shape but I just had a baby 4 months ago and was on 4 months bedrest so Im definitly not in any shape right now, but these workouts didnt even make me break a sweat! Its very frustrating having to pause the dvd to do equal reps on each side and having to go from a standing exercise to a mat exercise within 2 seconds. I just did the back and chest dvd and I didnt do one back or chest exercise!!!!! Im going to finish the 6 weeks just to see if it gets any better and to gain some strength to do my insanity workout (which makes you sweat)

William July 30, 2012 at 3:37 pm

I’m an avid workout warrior…gym membership, KettleworX DVD’s, a home spinner for my road bike (CycleOps), and various other home workout products (resistance bands, swiss ball…etc.). My question to some of you is why do you complain about repitition of exercises? If you’re looking to be entertained, good luck with maintaining your fitness level! This is about a healthy lifestyle…diet, exercise, and commitment. No wonder America’s obesity rate is soaring like an eagle. Stop being babies, stick to a program or various programs, and push through. Then maybe, just maybe you’ll see the drastic difference you crave in 6 months!

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