Shake Weight Reviews – Killer Workout Or Usual Rubbish?

by Carol on December 28, 2009

Shake WeightWant to get Sexy, Toned Arms and Shapely Shoulders while laughing yourself silly?

Then try the new Shake Weight!

This is the latest piece of exercise equipment to hit the infomercial channels as we all shake off those winter blues and try to get in shape before sleeveless Spring fashions find us guilty of being in possession of Awful Arms and Saggy Shoulders. This is the time of year that the Christmas indulgences come back to bite us in the …arm… and any new item of exercise gear, no matter how laughable, will be snapped up if it will do the job and produce results.

So is the Shake Weight that killer piece of equipment?

The marketing hype claims:

  • It’s based on a “completely new” workout technology system called Dynamic Inertia.
  • It’ll help you get toned and lean arms, tighten sagging chest muscles and give you sculpted and shapely shoulders.
  • It specifically targets the dreaded “batwings” that lurk under the upper arm.
  • It can give fantastic results when used for just 6 minutes a day.
  • It causes more muscle fibres to be engaged than if you work out with dumbbells, increasing muscular activity by up to 300%.

So it’s a dumbbell that vibrates backwards and forwards. What’s funny about that?

Well, it’s a bit – shall we say suggestive – to say the least! If you don’t understand, you’re too young and should be watching the Disney channel :) Or else you’re my Mum :) :)  The rest of you – just watch this video of Ellen Degeneres trying the Shake Weight out. Laugh? I nearly split my pants!

Interesting, Huh??

Ellen started out by laughing at the Shake Weight and finished by being so impressed that she bought more than one! Just using the Shake Weight long enough to make a joke out of it worked her biceps and triceps so that she was still feeling it next day!

In my opinion as a Personal Trainer, 6 minutes a day is a bit light and the Shake Weight should be combined with other exercise (plus a reduction in calories consumed) to give the best results. That being said, it will certainly work your upper body muscles and target flabby biceps and saggy triceps, and with a little practice can be part of a really effective exercise routine. And at $19.95 (plus s & h), the Shake Weight won’t break the bank, either.

Laugh at the same time and you’ll get an abdominal workout as well. Just joking :)
If you’d like to check out the Shake Weight for yourself, follow the link.

If however you’re interested in something less gimmicky and definitely does work take a look at The Truth About Abs no gimmicks just rock solid information that will help you lose weight quickly and safely.

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Margaret March 4, 2010 at 4:14 am

Saw the commercial, read the gadget review here, and decided to give it a try. (Bought from WalMart with the free DVD for $19, WAY less than the commercial is advertising for.)

Based on the footage of people using the Shake Weight and the review here, I was led to believe that the device was mechanical, doing the shaking for you. BOY WAS I WRONG!

Upon listening carefully to the commercial again, it tells you that it is a “manual device which requires no batteries.” I was deceived by the toned beauties on the commercial shaking the weight in very small movements which looked mechanical! LOL

To its credit, I have used it for about 2 minutes and I am already “feeling it” in my arms. I’m still not sold and am keeping my receipt, but am willing to give it a try.

Muscle Building March 13, 2010 at 3:29 pm

This is interesting…I’d like to know what you would advise in my situation. My goal is to shed about 15 pounds in the next couple of months. But there are such a huge number of “systems” out there and I have no idea which one to trust. Can somebody point me towards a good plan for burning fat and packing on muscle?

Mike Eves March 16, 2010 at 1:36 pm

If anybody gets any benefit from this product it tells you more about their lifestyle than how good the product is.

I’ll say this to people who are thinking of buying a product like this:-. “If you don’t understand fitness or how to get your self in shape by the time you are 30, you never will.”

Forget the hype,the gadgets, the false promises, the fad diet. At some some point you are going to have to knock on the door of hard work, committment and persistence.

Will April 24, 2010 at 2:28 pm

First things first. Mike brings up very valid points. The athletes in the commercial DID NOT, repeat, DID NOT get those physiques using this product. They got it through many years of heavy resistance and cardio training, and from the looks of some of them, perhaps some pharmaceutical help of the black market variety as well.
This product does not put any muscle group through full range of motion, essential for normal healthy muscle growth.
Having said that, it could be an adjunct to a program of traditional resistance training, as it appears to be different take on what is mostly isometric contraction, with a very short range kinetic component added. Stimulating muscles in a different way is usually not a bad thing, but it will NOT take the place of a balanced, traditional resistance and cardiovascular workout, performed regularly, along with a sensible and healthy diet, and proper weight control.
There ARE NO shortcuts, but fortunately the journey to fitness can be a lot of fun, can provide health and social benefits, and also psychological benefits associated with looking and feeling your best. Hard work is good for the soul and the character. Too bad that in large measure, as a society, we have forgotten that along the way. Get moving!

Michelle April 27, 2010 at 3:50 pm

Shake weight is the most deceptive advertising I’ve ever seen. On TV it appears to shake mechanically as you work your muscles. You have to shake it as you work out. Unbelievably deceptive.

miriam May 1, 2010 at 12:03 am

wow people are such fat lazy morons…doesn’t anyone know how to exercise anymore? i can’t believe people are pissed because you have to shake it yourself? thats the point…it’s people think “oh awesome this thing does the work for me” no wonder ads are so stupid…they market to fat lazy americans that expect miracles…no offense to you personally michelle

Carolyn May 1, 2010 at 4:46 pm

I have been working on a new diet plan for a few weeks now… it is simple and low impact, I have been eating right (for starters) and excersising more, mainly walking as I am a stay at home mom and don’t really have the opportunity to get much more vigorous activity while watching the children. ANYHOW… People are stupid to beleive that this ‘shake weight’ will transform them completely! It is a tool people! Use it to supplement the effort you are already putting in! And to the people who complained that it didn’t shake itself… LOL… ARE YOU SERIOUS??? These must be the same people who get liposuction and wonder why they don’t stay that thin when they are doing NOTHING to stay that way!

Kristina May 10, 2010 at 5:06 am

OK so it does ‘help’ tone the muscles in your arms right? obviously you need to be doing something other then just the Shake Weight to see results…

kara May 13, 2010 at 7:04 pm

Ive had this Shake Weight for 2 weeks and i feel the burn every workout, and i SEE RESULTS! LOL I am amused at how some claim that the company is deceptive in their advertising because the weight does not shake by its self. In every position that you use the shake weight your entire body contracts and you have minimal movement while u shake this weight. Ive been thru all my Anantomy and Physiology and Biology classes and this seems to make sense. bottom line, if you use it every day or a couple times a day like I do BECAUSE im a single mom work 12 nights have a cleaning business and go to school full time n take care of my 2 children…. this helps its more intense than regular weight training and reduces muscle strain…….. you fitness junkies obviusly havent tried this thing for any amount of time or your reviews would be differnt ;) get one n try it urself

Donna May 28, 2010 at 11:45 am

The local news had one of their cast try the thing and she showed it DOES work. She really liked it and that – along with Kara’s message – has convinced me to get one. I have always had problem arms and I think this may help.

strawberriewoman May 29, 2010 at 8:54 pm

after researching this I am going to get one. I liked Kara’s comment because I am a working mom and I don’t have a lot of time. I can’t afford a gym so I do my own thing. So for 20 bucks I am going to give it a try. Will be back with my review!

Jamie May 30, 2010 at 1:20 am

I laughed at the satires; the remarks made by Ellen… I researched the product and most seemed to think that it did work, just not necessarily better than any free weight a person could use. So I got my $5 Bed Bath and Beyond coupon, spent a whopping $15.99, and I love it. It’s actually a 9 minute workout if you do the whole dvd (vs. the advertised six minutes). It’s an easy 9 minutes but you do feel the burn.. and it’s 9 minutes I wasn’t for some reason willing to do at the gym after aerobics or ellipticalling. I’ve had it a month; I do the video at least 5 nights a week, and I’ve seen very significant results. My friends laugh, but I sing the shake weight’s praises to all of them.

Martin June 2, 2010 at 4:51 am

Before we can ask, “does it work?”, shouldn’t we ask what that means?

The main reason EVERYONE needs to do some type of resistance training is to develop our bodies from the inside: bones, ligaments, tendons, internal organs, and yes, muscles. Weight training is the only way to combat the loss of bone and muscle that will inevitably occur as we age. The best way to do it is to work out intensely 1-2 times per week and get plenty of rest. It’s during the rest periods that your body will react to the stress you put on it and develop itself. Working out too often or not intensely enough is counterproductive.

The only way to find out if this product works is to test it on a number of subjects and record the results – the amount of muscle and bone mass gained. Then compare the results with a group that used only traditional weights. Just because someone felt pain after working out is not an objective observation.

As for the product itself, just contract the muscles from your shoulders and arms, abs and legs and try to shake your arms for 6 minutes – you’ll get the same workout for free. DUH.

sharon June 7, 2010 at 4:37 am

I just bought the Shake Weight, since it looked like a fun exercise and my arms needed it after losing quite a bit of weight. At first it took me a minute to figure out where to hold it and how to shake it exactly. I thought it would be much different for some reason, but after I used it properly I felt it on my arms. It is much more comfortable on my wrists than using the regular dumbells. I’ll see what happens….

Kandi June 27, 2010 at 7:21 pm

I saw this advertisement months ago and laughed saying why don’t people just work out and stop looking for the easy way out? I am a former competitor and thought it was ridiculous. Well, I bought one a couple of days ago and was totally SHOCKED at how much I felt it the next day. Chest, arms, back, much to my surprise my entire upper body. All of the fitness buffs who say this is a hoax, try it and see for yourself. I will say, don’t expect to do this 6minutes a day without doing some form of cardio (aerobics) or changing your diet, it won’t work. I absolutely believe it will work with those changes. After the first day of using it for 6minutes, I feel like I have done an upper body workout with dumbbells.

Believe it or not, the weight is so light (compared to what I used to lift) I wanted to do it twice the first day, glad I didn’t. Just call me a believer.

Jessica August 3, 2010 at 9:52 pm

The shake weight really does work. But if I pass 3 minutes I feel like I’m going to pass out. The commercial tricked me, yes I was one of those who believed it would shake for you haha. However, when I tried it at home I saw results! Try doing it with music on. =) And if someone watches you…they will laugh.

Patti August 4, 2010 at 3:11 pm

I am 70 years old and my arms have that dreadful wringkly look that most of the time I try to disguise with sleeves. I bought the shake weight 3 days ago, and do 2 min in the morning and 2 to 4 min in the evening. I pick it up at odd times and shake. I can already see a little difference, so I am thrilled.

Matt August 7, 2010 at 12:27 am

Anyone know of a product similar to ‘Shake Weight For Men’ in design and function, that’s heavier (10 lbs or more) than the 5 pounder currently produced and, knock-off though it may/could be…….exists?

jesse H. August 7, 2010 at 3:22 am

OMG This is very concerning when i read comments from people saying that they were ACTUALLY upset that this product was not self powered?? PEOPLE ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? And we wonder why our country is the country of obesity! You do know that the whole point of this device is to MAKE YOU WORK.. MY GOD! Im sorry i just had to get that out of the way first and foremost.. Ok now I do plan on buying this and using it as something to work out with when im watching tv at night.. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that it will not help out significantly.. I will get back in a few weeks and give an update..

Laura August 23, 2010 at 4:32 am

I’ve used the Shake weight for two weeks and definitely would say that my triceps have toned up significantly. I can hit this area which has always been hard for me to target before.

Like most workout videos, equipment and diets, nothing is a miracle pill. To get results, you must be consistant and accompany the Shake Weight usage with a healthy diet and cardio. I only do the 6 min video but I do it almost every day.

steve September 6, 2010 at 4:56 pm

This product is pure garbage. Do you actually think you are going to get cut and build muscle with a 6 minute work out. Waste of money and another work out scam. Might as well just pick up up a rock and shake it. Save your money, it will not even come close to the work out you will get from free weights. Don’t be dumb and fall for this scam.

Tess September 17, 2010 at 3:03 pm

I ordered the shake weights (1) on line. I received 2. After talking to customer service, I was told to send the 1 back. After using the shake weight, I realized it didn’t work like I saw on TV. I talked to customer service, and explained why I was sending both back. I was told that when the shake weights was received that I would get a refund in 7-10 business days. I returned the shake weights by UPS. The tracking information shows that the shake weights were received on 7-26-10. I HAVE NOT RECEIVED A REFUND.

John October 1, 2010 at 11:55 pm

First, I don’t have the ShakeWeight… yet. Second, this is definitely NOT new technology. Perhaps the shape of it and the fact it uses springs is new, but this type of exercise has been around for at least 50 years. Perhaps some of you remember another fitness device that looked like a long, flexible, flat bar. It was used in much the same manner but was about 3 feet long. Just think about any time you’ve ever walked around with a piece of wooden molding (or saw someone). The object has inertia and takes effort to start and stop its movement. It’s simple physics. This device works, and I haven’t even used one, but I’ve shaken other objects and felt the results. The key is YOU have to put in the effort. YOU have to do the work. YOU have to lay off the Twinkies and decide to be healthy.

Bottom line, all “gimmicky” devices work… if you use it regularly and follow up with good food and common sense.

Chet October 20, 2010 at 11:55 pm

This much discussion over something that costs $20 bucks. Who cares if it’s a gimmick TRY ONE……………..It’s $20 BUCKS for Pete’s sake.

M November 5, 2010 at 7:55 pm

The thing I don’t get… if you are truely working out a muscle group, you are supposed to have a day rest in between. You don’t go to work you work you biceps everyday, if you know how to train. Why does this product say to do it everyday?

Ricardo December 2, 2010 at 6:50 am

I got one a couple days ago and honestly… it is a very good workout. But here is what really pissed me off. After only 5 days, it broke while I was using it! Hopefully I can get it replaced or my money back for it

Treadmill December 17, 2010 at 7:12 pm

hahah the shake weight is a great product because the naive people will buy it to get in shape and the rest of us will buy it because its hilarious!

shaker January 6, 2011 at 2:20 am

i would like to comment as well..i did see the commercial and at first thought it was a joke on the man show or something..but just before the holiday lo and behold there it was at for a mere 20 bux..i thought..heck..why not give it a shot?
and i have to say it does give a nice addition to any other workout program..and does work do get the burn as the workout puts you thru motions and arm exercises and moves..that do target..
i say its a plus to my fitness goals!

Michael Doe February 12, 2011 at 4:53 am

The shake wave work 100%. I been working out for years (2years). And never seen the result I wanted. But when I bought the shake wave, in just 3 week, I got the result I have been wanting in years. Better upper body and a sexier abs. Now students see me at school they give me respect.

I recommend this to any one who looking to lose weight, look good, and feel proud.

Jess February 21, 2011 at 8:33 pm

I bought a shake weight a few weeks ago at CVS – I thought it was probably a scam but for $20 wanted to see for myself . I’ve done the 6 minute workout almost daily along with regular cardio and a healthy diet and have already noticed a difference in how my arms look and and increase in strength. (I currently do the 6 minute workout twice, 6 times a week.)

Prior to using the shake weight I had been using 5 pound dumbbells for 2 months 5-7 times a week for 10 minutes at a time. I got better results with the shake weight in the few weeks I was using it than in the two months I was using dumbbells.

The shake weight isn’t a scam but it certainly isn’t going to do anything for you if you don’t use it regularly or also do cardio and eat healthy.

Leah March 3, 2011 at 6:47 pm

In the past year I have lost 35lbs. I’m pretty comfortable with my body right now, just wanted to tone up. I am the kind of person who has to constantly switch up my workout to keep me interested and motivated. I received the Shake Weight (5lb) for Christmas and have been using it 3-4 times a week since. My boyfriend also uses it. To fill you in on a normal workout, along with the Shake Weight, I do lunges, 20mins on the eliptical and cruches. I also eat pretty healthy (although not perfectly). My arms have toned up quick! I am already starting to see cuts along my biceps and triceps. My boyfriend’s arms have also gotten noticably larger as well. (I do add a minute to the 6 minute DVD that comes along with the Shake Weight). I am not a trainer or anything, but I see results and have recommended this product to several people!!! Like others have mentioned, it takes consistency and a healthy diet. Doing just the Shake Weight alone will probably not give you as good of results, but it works for me!!

Mark March 22, 2011 at 6:39 am

It’s very clear that gym rats look down their protein powdered noses at this thing and normal mortals think it’s great. Being a normal, non carb-obsessed working stiff, I’ll bet 20 bucks that I use it. That’s more than I can say for my dusty dumbbells.

Eric March 28, 2011 at 1:42 pm

The shake weight does actually work. I like how Mark described it- average people will see a benefit, while the snooty gym rats and fitness freaks will not.

It is pretty much that way with any of these things, it seems. The real fitness radicals seem to hate a new gizmo, while the average people who probably will use the thing and will probably benefit most from it will like it.

I’ve used mine for several months as a component to an overall fitness regimen, and I like how it’s helped to fit into the plan.

That said, I can’t believe people actually think the thing was motorized and that you didn’t have to move your arm, thinking that the shake weight did the work for you. C’mon now- how silly!

Carol March 28, 2011 at 2:03 pm

Eric – I agree if it works for you then it was a good buy. The fact that you can do what others would call more effective exercises for the Triceps is irelevant the important thing is to actually do something and enjoy doing it :)

Amanda April 17, 2011 at 1:13 am

If you work/raise kids/busy lifestyle, than this is for you. It doesn’t replace regular cardio and exercise, as it just targets the upper body/arms, but if you include it with a healthy lifestyle you should definitely see results. I have had mine for several months and do it 4-7 times a week, sometimes multiple times a day. I do cardio, and while I don’t count calories I feel that I have a pretty balanced diet.

Now my 2 cents to you others, firstly…. why would this be battery operated? Working out…. is working? And to you health nuts/fitness geeks…. get a life!!! Some of us don’t have tons of time on our hands and this product is pretty motivational for some of us.

victoria jones May 2, 2011 at 2:45 am

I bought the shake weight two weeks ago and am seeing really good results. I do the 6 min dvd everday…ummmm…apparently shake weight did not have much money in their budget to make a decent workout video or pay the instructor to eat lol. And she does the whole video without ever breaking her smile…impressive. despite the poor quality and the happy anorexic, I do work out to the video daily and I shake the weight around pretty much all day. I’m currently unemployed so when I’m bbored I shake that weight. I also eat healthy. Just started a blog with all my recipes. Please check them out @ in addition to the dvd, I also do light cardio and 20 min of ab and leg strength training at home.

Shake Weight Extreme May 2, 2011 at 6:50 pm

The biggest problem is that you simply need more exercises to do with it. The 6-minute workout they promote is the biggest joke, not the odd inuendo of the unit itself.

Brandon May 17, 2011 at 5:43 am

Shake weight is another piece of crap that people fall for. If you want results lift weights and do cardio at a gym or at home, not to mention a healthy diet. Do all these and you don’t have to waste your money on gimmicks like this.

Hiedy May 18, 2011 at 8:47 am

Ok for the people who don’t have the product why are u even leaving a comment? Im trying to look on here to see if it actually works and the majority of you don’t even know just have an opinion.. Do people who just want to know results a break and shut it. Leave ur comment somewhere else so people like me can actually find out if it works before we spend the money. Thank you

Rob June 8, 2011 at 11:39 pm

How do you know this product is “another piece of crap that people fall for”, you probably never even spent the lousy 20 bucks and tried the thing. If you haven’t even tried this product what is the point of leaving a comment. Sound to me like you just want some attention! Losers!
I ordered this and I will definitely leave a review ONCE I TRY IT!

Kayla June 13, 2011 at 4:58 pm

I understand how this product could work. I mean it makes sense if you move any muscle enough over a period of time that muscle should get stronger…

But my question is this- couldn ‘t you get the same work out by shaking a not quite full bottle of water? The water would slosh back and forth from one end of the bottle to the other giving that dynamic inertia effect the shake weight relies on. Yes I realize the weight of a bottle of water is less than that of the shake weight. At the same time though it seems actually preforming the action (rapidly contracting the muscle several hundred times of a course of minutes) is what is primarly getting results, not the ammount of weight.

Lori July 28, 2011 at 5:14 pm

I have to agree with Heidy and Rob. Most people that comment haven’t even tried it. I have and it can get quite intense after even 10 seconds. I would not expect to look like the girl in the video of course, anyone who buys it and thinks this is delusional. But that’s how marketing works right? I think it is worth trying. Like others have said, doing something is better than doing nothing.

teace August 4, 2011 at 10:28 pm

I’m a senior in highschool and am currently working out daily with my football team. I got the shake weight to screw around while at home, watching tv and such. Personally, I like this product! you get as much out of it as you put in. like any workout, if you half ass it then no positive results come out! I’m a full back so no I don’t look like the people in the commercial, but this product did tighten my arms and chest. It works if YOU work it. “It doesn’t shake for you, you actually have to work”. Haha.

sooperdooper August 25, 2011 at 6:09 pm

The shake-weight simply wears you out a little faster than holding your arms straight out for a few minutes does. Try it, hold your arms straight out from your body (like you’re playing airplane). You probably won’t be able to hold them up for more than a few minutes. Afterwards your ams will burn like hell. But you’re not excersizing, you’re just damaging your muscles. Without proper resistance you’re just tearing your muscles, then they heal to the same proportion they were when you damaged them. If you want muscles that you tear with excerise to actually increase in size when they heal then you have to tear them with WEIGHT (resistance!). There is no such thing as a ‘toned’ muscle, that is, a muscle that is somehow superior to another muscle of the same type and size. Bigger muscles are stronger muscles If your muscle is the same size before working out for a while as it was before, then you have acheived nothing.

And those women who have posted comments here who think that the shakeweight, or ANY weight for that matter, will make that arm skin that flaps around after you lose a bunch of weight, suddenly spring back into shape magically, its NOT GONNA HAPPEN. The only way to get rid of excess skin is to cut it off, and those operations aren’t cheap. Ask anyone who has lost a large amount of weight…

If you people want to shake your shakeweights till the cows come home, have at it, if you think it’s working then it’s providing you with psychological comfort at least. Delusion can be beneficial if it masks stress or depression….

sooperdooper August 25, 2011 at 6:15 pm

Hmm now that I think about it, maybe this product appeals to the closet masochist in the average ignoramus. Afterall, it’s nothing but a self-torture device. Pain with no gain…

hmmmm. September 1, 2011 at 8:58 pm

So if you’re a woman & want to get better results, would the shake weight for men work better? haha just wondeirng!

Daniel September 25, 2011 at 2:30 pm

I have used the shake weight for only 1 week at the moment and I have got to say, yes its hard work making the thing shake but thats where the effort comes in and thats when you notice results, when i have finished my exercises I can honestly say it does feel like I have been training longer. I have noticed where my weaknesses are when using the shake weight and if you do as the instructional dvd tells you especially when you do your arms, if you try a little harder and a little longer on your weaker arm it will improve and you will see and feel the results.

Yeah people do mock the shake weight because it looks stupid when you are using it, but if its too easy and you cant feel anything or see the difference then work it harder, at the end of the day I have noticed the harder I work the more pain I am in at the end of it and the better the results I see.

So to summerise the shake weight, use it correctly using the correct stance and get your balance right and make sure you are only moving a couple of inches each way depending on exercise, make it shake which depending on your size can be hard, if you can not feel anything then you are clearly not working it hard enough.

Matt October 9, 2011 at 8:56 pm

“There is no such thing as a ‘toned’ muscle, that is, a muscle that is somehow superior to another muscle of the same type and size. Bigger muscles are stronger muscles”

This is simply not always the case. There are way more factors to strength than the size of muscles themselves. Bruce Lee clocked in at a mere 145 pounds and yet was stronger than a majority of men he encountered. Most bodybuilders have a lot of mass but don’t really have much practical strength due to isolation exercises that only stimulate the muscle fibers with ONE range of motion (90% of which are never recreated in real-life situations). I may be beside the point you were making, but there’s a lot of mis-information in this area.

Randy October 11, 2011 at 7:46 pm

wow how did all these people beneath me think that it was “mechanical” did u watch the commercial? the shake weight was designed based off of a inertia stick people use in rehab to work there muscles without overdoing them. “diceptive” ha more like ignorant viewers.

Next time try watching TV not starring at it

jr. gomez December 3, 2011 at 9:59 pm

i have always wanted a shake weight, and i am hoping it works. heck for 6 minutes a day, ill try it!! i do eat right and exercise regularly so this would be a push. i used to workout alot in high school, but now that i have graduated my muscles turned into fat :( and its hard getting it back after years of working out. now i hardly have the time to workout as much cuz im always working or going to school or studying. im hoping i can do the 6 minute shake weight workout during one of my homework breaks…. does anyone know where they sell them the cheapest? please let me know

Yo Momma December 6, 2011 at 10:25 am

who cares how u look using it? its not like u have to go walking down the street advertising it…and if it works then it works you cant compare it to a dumbell because its not a dumbell. if you perfer a freakin dumbell then use a freakin dumbell when your done using the shake weight, and if ur just gunna talk about how homo it looks then why are u looking up shake weights anyway…

jack December 7, 2011 at 7:00 pm

Personally, I was not deluded into believing the Shakeweight vibrated itself. Bought one 18 mo ago, male size, and used if fairly regularly from March to Sept. Went on vacation in Sept. rockhounding. Found a tremendous increase in my stamina using my 10 lb sledge hammer. Go through the routine once a day while preparing dinner, works for me.


Kiernan January 24, 2012 at 5:18 pm

I don’t watch tv anymore so I have no clue what people are talking about. i saw this contraption in a ROSS which is where you’d find these things if unsure about buying one. It seems to offer the same sort of workout you’d get from shaking any weight. If you want a real passive workout get one of those electrode things that contract muscles electrically, I’ve heard those work, but I don’t think they burn fat, they just build muscle.

George February 21, 2012 at 12:52 pm

Read a few of these reviews and you will notice a trend; everyone claiming the product is a hoax or won’t work has never tried it, while those who have see results fairly quickly. I have been using it for 3 weeks now and have definite results. I actually started to see my muscles getting toned in the chest and arms after the first week. It took me over a month at the gym a couple of years back to see the same kind of results and that was everyday. I just found the website with the more “extreme” excercises and will be trying those out starting today. I agree if you want to get a complete workout you probably need to combine other exercises in your routine, but getting noticable results quickly has helped give me motivation to include more activities and also start eating better. Personally I am amazed and highly recommend this product. Wish I had taken some before pictures, maybe I could have become a spokes- person like Jarod did.

Edward March 3, 2012 at 6:35 pm

(to all those who Do Not and Do have a shake weight) The shake weight Does work(after 5 minutes) which is more impressive than DUMBbells.I have one and use it everyday I have seen result in only 2 weeks. And I think miriam you (americans) are fat and lazy and forgot how a real work out is suppose to feel. I also agree with Kristina you need to more than just use a Shake Weight.

Fred Mistele March 30, 2012 at 7:54 pm

I ordered the shake weight and tried it out for a couple of days. I decided it wasn’t worth the money. I contacted the company and told them I wanted to return it. They sent me a return authorization and label. This was almost two months ago and they still haven’t given me my money back. If you want to try one of these things, buy one from a store so you can return it.

Denise May 5, 2012 at 8:54 pm

My arms are sore, so yes it works

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